Stylebook Men App Reviews

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Not optimized at all

Clunky to use.


Cant wait to see what other updates come out


Ideal for keeping everything in place and it is incredible that you can categorise your items

Awesome app

Very good app. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

Love it, with space to improve

This app has been super useful in checking your closet while you are shopping and planning your outfit for the week. If this app would allow you to filter out outfits that include a specific item, then this app would be 5 star perfect!

Solid app

Exactly as described. Able to keep record of the clothes you wear. Photo editing is a little clunky but still good.

Looks like a nice app w/many useful features

Elegant and has many features. Two improvements: make it easier (intuitive) to use. Add the ability to track uses between washes/laundry like an app called Jeeves used to do.

Awesome App!

This is an awesome app. There is a lot of customizability, arrangements, and very user-friendly. The background removal is very effective and easy to use. Logging clothes onto the calendar is very easy and is a great tool for planning trips. Ive used a few free apps, but nothing compare to this one in depth and usability. Totally worth the price. Unfortunately, I havent seen an update for this app in a while. Things I would like to see include the ability to add purchase date and sort by recent purchases. Also searching by price can be helpful too, like sorted high to low. And once you start having a lot of outfits, Id like the ability to star favorites. Just a few suggestions to make an already awesome app even better!

Great way to start thinking about how youre dressing

I love this app. It has really helped me to start dressing better. I was a very habitual dresser by nature and now Im very aware when Im wearing something too often. Its also helped me use my clothing in MANY new combinations. The only two negatives would be: 1) its tedious to add clothing (mostly because the tool to remove the background could use some work. I use photoshop sometimes and then import the .png file instead) and 2) I wish there was a way to add alternate views for a piece of clothing (long sleeve shirt normal AND with sleeves rolled up). Love this app so far. Could be AMAZING!

Absolutely love this app

Its hard to find mens fashion in one location. This app gives me a lot of ideas an Im a novice at this

Love it

What a amazing app!! Worth every penny!!! The only thing I would change is the name because Iam using it for the whole family not only for men:)


While the photos are time consuming and the editing can be difficult its exactly what Ive been looking for. Hoping to have the entire wardrobe in before I go on a Vegas shopping trip. Will help me organize myself better


Great idea in desperate need of cloud sync option for multiple devices.m

Essential daily app - but needs REAL iCloud sync

Use this app daily to dress up for work. Im definitely not a fashionista - just a normal guy that needs to dress decent for work and this app helps me decide and ensure I dont wear the same thing all the time. But app desperately needs sync for multiple devices. It claims that it uses iCloud but it does not sync; the iCloud just means that it backs up your data to iCloud. If you need to restore your device, data will come back too. But it wont allow you to sync outfits and history to your iPad for example.

Awesome app

Really handy when having a lot of stuff. Easy to organize your wardrobe, monitor your current clothes. Can be used while shopping and etc Pls improve background removal feature!

Great app! Hope it gets even better!

Really enjoy this app to quickly make a packing list for business trips. Please fix crash when attempting to take a picture from the app. Add non clothing capabilities (electronics) and treat them as such. Allow to replace an item and have that item update in styles. Allow to delete an item from all styles . Great job on this!

Great Idea needs updating

Freezes when adding pictures. Also would be nice to add a field for condition, like 1-10 so you know if something needs to be replaced.


This app has become a part of my daily life I love the execution and style, but I would say it takes too many steps to add clothes, there needs to be resizing and cropping options during the editing process, I do love the tapping to erase option. Also PLEASE update for the iPhone 5 I would really love the extra space!

Wonderful app...

Makes choosing (and organizing) clothes a snap, or button, or zipper, or... Would love the ability to add multiple images at once.

Wonderful app

I love this app. It makes shopping and organization a breeze. It would great if left brain/right brain LLC would make an app for the iPad.

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