Stylebook Men Відгуки

Not a stylist app.

Not a stylist app. If I wanted to know what was in my closet I would look in my closet. If I wanted a random outfit generator I would just pick clothes randomly.

Super Useful

This app is super useful for someone like me who has a lot of clothes. I can put together outfits, see what pieces I have in my closet, and draw inspiration from other sources. My only gripe is that adding clothing and removing the background on pictures is a bit tedious.

The best closet organizer I’ve found.

It’s amazing.

Too much work

Nice concept. But it is so time consuming to find the perfect spot to photograph your clothes, edit the photo so the app will accept it, will need to take several of the same item if you want it to show up on different categories. Way too much work and not worth the money.


It's a really helpful app, I tend to forget what have in my cloth. Is there a way to send post from Pinterest to the the app?

Love this App!!

My closet is worth approximately 5K and I'm always struggling not knowing what to wear, I don't like repeating and this app helps me organize it, shuffle it and know what I worn daily.

Iwatch app

The app has been promising so far, although it would be better if an Apple Watch version was created. It least able to view a calendar of the clothes on your iwatch.

No updates in over a year

Where did the developers go?

Great way to start thinking about how you're dressing

I love this app. It has really helped me to start dressing better. I was a very habitual dresser by nature and now I'm very aware when I'm wearing something too often. It's also helped me use my clothing in MANY new combinations. The only two negatives would be: 1) it's tedious to add clothing (mostly because the tool to remove the background could use some work. I use photoshop sometimes and then import the .png file instead) and 2) I wish there was a way to add alternate views for a piece of clothing (long sleeve shirt normal AND with sleeves rolled up). Love this app so far. Could be AMAZING!

Looks like a nice app w/many useful features

Elegant and has many features. Two improvements: make it easier (intuitive) to use. Add the ability to track uses between washes/laundry like an app called Jeeves used to do.

Solid app

Exactly as described. Able to keep record of the clothes you wear. Photo editing is a little clunky but still good.

Love it, with space to improve

This app has been super useful in checking your closet while you are shopping and planning your outfit for the week. If this app would allow you to filter out outfits that include a specific item, then this app would be 5 star perfect!

Awesome app

Very good app. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks.


Ideal for keeping everything in place and it is incredible that you can categorise your items

iCloud sync?

Why isn't there iCloud sync? Or syncing between iOS devices? The app looks promising but the lack of syncing is terrible. I want to work on my iPad and find the same data on my iPhone. Make that work please. I don't want to choose between my devices.

Super uncomfortable to use

The idea is great but in vivo it's just not it.

Much promise / significant voids

Needs a way to export outside of the app. A lot of time and energy to capture you closet and one bad release from losing it! The sync is a myth. Works only when standing on one foot and holding phone out the window. Actually it's not that easy. To further add to the frustration it doesn't include the entire record. Needs additional metadata fields. So those are the negatives and what holds it back for being a five star app. It has promise, but!

Perfect App for closet keepers

My biggest problem when I shop is forgetting what I already have in the closet at home. This app is all I need and a little more to manage what I have and keep me from standing in the returns line. The catagories are customizable in the Closet section so you can build your visual closet just as you like it - I even have a section with my Halloween costumes. Why? Because I can. I spend 95% of the time with the app updating what I have and what I'm donating, but there's a handy feature on there called Calendar. You can actually log what you're wearing on a particular day (items already in the closet) so that you don't forget later and wear the same shirt out to the bar twice in a row. For people who tend not to pay attention that that, it's really come in handy. And finally what made me click the button and get this app was the backup funtion. I didn't want to do all the work and end up losing it along with my phone in the back of a taxi, but no need to worry. The app backs up your entire "clothes library" you assembled so you're not out the time (just the money to replace your hardware), which will lessen the sting. I've already reccomended this to my friends and family. Go get it!

Very useful

Great app, I use it daily. Ability to add multiple items at once would be it more efficient, though it works perfectly fine without it.

I love it

I use this everyday. I wanted to start dressing nicer. This app helps me stay organized and make sure I'm not wearing the same thing to the same meetings and am mixing up my wardrobe appropriately to get the maximum vale out of it. The style stats are also cool. I feel ok spending a little more on se things when I see that of I actually wear them on a regular basis, it breaks down to a dollar per wear over time. Great app!!!


Trying to get this thing to sync has been the most horrid experience ever!!! To the point where I don't really want to use this app anymore..


As a guy with a big wardrobe this app is a godsend. It has caused a revolution in my closet and really upped my wardrobe game. The latest version adds a bunch of useful tweaks and the devs keep making it better!

Very Meh

Great idea, delivery needs work. Hard to take images of clothes and organise them... Would take way more time than it is worth.

Great app, but need syncing ability between devices

Would rate 5 starts if Dropbox or one drive was integrated so that looks and closet ideas synced across devices. Wifi send is not too bad but problem is that if I go back and make a change like add price info, I know have to resend it or edit in 2 locations.

Great app!

The best app I've come across to organize and plan what I'm going to wear.

Future update

Just purchased the app, I have one suggestion. Please optimize the app for iPhone 6!

Doesn't sync and can't add until a photo is taken.

Gotta make the app sync and allow pics to be added after text input.

Almost there

This app is super user friendly. No big learning curve. Used swipes native to iOS. This is what the app is missing: 1. Style expert relating to men's fashion. 2. Automated outfit suggestions. 3. More community feel. Perhaps people could weigh in on your outfit or items of clothing.

Male version not worth $4

Even though I bought the male version of this app most of the content is still targeted to women which wouldn't be an issue if I hadn't paid four dollars for it.

Get this app it's worth every penny

I surprised myself. I downloaded it on a whim and its turned out to be one of the very few apps that I use several times a week. And unlike other apps, i continue to use it almost daily for months. why? it saves me time, tracks what i spend, helps me pack. Overall one my favorite iphone app. Blew me a way. Great interface. Great functionality. Can't say enough. Every guy should have it.

Digitized Closet!

This app is amazing. You save so much time making outfits and put together things you normally wouldn't do. I tried all the free apps but they just crash while I was uploading pics. This, I have 180 pieces of clothing and still runs smooth without crashing. Resize images to fit, rename categories, great options for functionality. Worth the $3? Yes!

Overall very useful

Pros: -it is very useful to keep track of your clothes ie: swipe through the options of pants you have and shirts, it's easy to forget about good clothes that get lost in the back of the closet -very handy to ask opinions on combinations, screen shot it to a friend, instead of unfolding your clothes and taking a picture Tips: -slot of people do online shopping, and even if you don't it's easy to find your garment on an online store. And amazing trick is to find the item or just save the image when you buy it, and use it to add the image to the look book. It works extremely well for watches and shirts -use a few white posters as a background

A Great Organizer that also feeds my shopping habit

I really enjoy this app. It's a great help in organizing my closet and finding those things that I never wear, and it makes it super simple when I want to search for new clothes. As a guy, I definitely recommend this app.

Excellent App with Great Features

For many years I used another app for keeping track of what I wore and when. The developer of that app dropped the ball two years ago. I tried a couple of others, before this because of the higher price tag. I finally gave in and I am really glad that I did. This app has all the functionality of the others (when they actually worked), and more. I love the statistics feature, the ability to remove unwanted background from clothing photos and the customizable interface. If you are hesitating because of the price tag, take my advice – just buy it. It's worth it just for the ease of use and multi-functionality.

I'm just sad Star

Hello I wish add the language of men and a wonderful thing, but I lacked the Arabic language I do not standardized English Thank you for your understanding

Awesome App

This is a fantastic application for getting one’s fashion together. It helps me focus on looks I want and the clothes I need in order to get them. Fantastic support as well. I always suggest this when my friends ask me how they can up their game.

Way cool

I accidentally purchased the men version and had to purchase the right one again :( it is worth it except the wifi share won't work between my iPad and iPhone. I even tried it using only the men's app between devises on my secure personal wifi, no luck. Please fix it to cross between both versions of the app, that would make it 5 stars

Great Planning Asset

This app is amazing for remembering great wardrobe combos, organizing your thoughts on what you can wear to have a successful day/week/month! Great app!

Great style app!

I use it daily def worth every penny

Great companion

Stylebook is a great companion for any fashion forward guy looking for organization and planning. Runs smooth, the "Looks" section is good - lets you put together multiple outfits using some of the same pieces. I like the background removal feat for your imported photos, though the undo is a bit slow, but this is isn't an editing app so I have no problem with it.

Multiple device sync

Overall I love this app but the lack of data sync makes using the app a huge hassle. Please correct

Nice app

Nice app. I like the various features. Mostly what I was looking for. But it would be nice if for the looks you could just add separate images into a folder rather than having to combine Images. The advice section don't seem to update often. Otherwise great app. Easy to use. I refer to it often.

Good idea in theory

But in practice , nope. Def not worth the price.

No Calendar Sync

I really like this app but the problem I have is not being able to do complete sync. I plan my week on my iPad but would like to see what's coming up on my iPhone. I usually don't buy apps that don't completely sync between my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. And at least between iPad and iPhone. Men don't share items with friends, but I do need to know what's on my calendar and all my devices.

Love it, but needs a few essential features

GREAT program for organizing your wardrobe. Add the ability to add custom/multi colors and see other wardrobe counts (designers, sizes, etc.) and I'll give it the full star treatment. Nice work!


I have been searching for an app like this fora while now. This is exactly what I needed! I didn't realize there was one for women and one for men, so I downloaded this one. However since it is completely customizable I haven't had any issues. It is an amazing organizational tool. Getting all of my clothes and accessories into the app was a little bit of a task, but I have been using more clothes that were cute but just sat in my closet. This is an easy way to play with you closet and come up with combinations you may not have even thought of. The only thing I wish this app would do is when clothes are in the laundry, dry cleaners, lent out or not available for some reason that an alert or something will pop up on the days a look is scheduled. It would also be nice to be able view clothing sorted by their availability. I love that we can mark them as to be donated or replaced, but it would be nice if we could take that another step and sort them by everything to be donated, replaced, at the dry cleaners, etc. One of the best apps I have ever purchased!

Very useful

Overall very useful. Glad I found this. Nice job. Would be nice if items remembered their resized size between outfits, but that's minor and doesn't detract from the utility.

Very useful

Works quite well. Would be nice to more easily move from an item to see all days an item was worn then go directly to see what else was worn that day.


Update is great. Could you add a way to see the last time a look or clothing item was worn in calendar from their respective views. (Like in the cool guy style app).

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